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At UD we have over 150 majors, over 100 minors and over 50 bachelor’s plus accelerated master’s degree programs (4+1 programs). That’s a lot of options, giving you the ability to customize your education. We’ve made it easy for you to compare majors and get an idea of what each of your four years at UD will look like by using our Major Finder.

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一道本不卡免费高清UD’s job and career placement rates have historically been well above the national average, according to data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers. View salaries and employment by major, location and more on our outcomes page.



Admissions Requirements

Learn more about the application process and steps to apply. 

 Filing: October 1

Early Action Deadline: November 1

Priority Application Deadline: January 15

Recommended Deadline for  Filing: January 15

Deposit Deadline: May 1

What It Takes To Be A Blue Hen 

Academic Rigor

Students applying to UD should have a strong background in core academic courses. High school honors, advanced placement and International Baccalaureate coursework is encouraged.

SubjectYears RequiredYears Recommended
Science3 (2 must include lab)4 (3 must include lab)
History/Social Sciences44
Foreign Languages2 of the same4 of the same
Academic Electives22
Total18 units20-22 units
* at least two of the units must be history, and one of those must be world history. An additional year of math or science may be substituted for the 4th year of social science.
* American Sign Language (ASL) does fulfill the foreign language requirement. 
† Foreign language courses taken before the ninth grade do not count.
Please note that:
 Prospective majors in mathematics, engineering, business, computer science, and natural science should complete four years of mathematics, including trigonometry, pre-calculus, and/or calculus.
 Prospective majors in biology, chemistry, physics and all prospective majors in Engineering are expected to take at least one year each of biology, physics, and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of a laboratory science.
 Prospective majors in nursing must have completed at least one year of both biology and chemistry, and are strongly urged to take two years of chemistry.

Students interested in applying to the UD Honors Program should first complete their application to the University of Delaware, either through The Common Application or the Coalition application. When prompted, indicate your interest in the UD Honors program on either application. 

Within 48 hours of submitting your UD application, you will be emailed instructions on setting up your student portal, My Blue Hen Home一道本不卡免费高清. If you indicated interest in the UD Honors Program, or if you fit the academic profile of an honors student, you will notice a link on your student portal directing you to the honors application, which includes an additional essay. To review the essay prompts that appear on the honors application, see below.


To apply to the UD Honors Program, you will be asked to write an essay answering each of the following prompts. We’ve provided the questions here in the event you would like to prepare your answer before creating your application.


Question 1: Creating a community is a hallmark of the Honors Program. Outside of academic pursuits, please tell us a few ways you intend to contribute to the Honors community (300 words or less).

Question 2: The Honors Program values a talented and diverse student body. Please tell us five interesting facts about you (50 words or less).


UD Honors Program

Applicants who are home-schooled or who have attended high schools that are not regionally accredited should follow these recommendations:


Provide a transcript of your grades.  


一道本不卡免费高清If you can, provide a sample portfolio of your work or a research paper you’ve written.

Test Scores

Provide SAT or ACT (including the ACT Writing Test) scores. We also require at least two SAT Subject Test scores.  

infographic with mid-50% range for admitted students


The one-year average, mid-50% of admitted students for general admissions is between 3.57-4.03, UD Honors Program is between 3.99-4.25.


Standardized Test Scores

We accept both the SAT (code 5811) and ACT (code 0634). The one-year average, mid-50% of admitted students for general admissions is between 1190-1350 SAT and 24-29 ACT, UD Honors Program is between 1370-1470 SAT and 30-33 ACT. 

Delaware residents have the ability to choose whether or not to submit their SAT/ACT scores as a part of their admission application.

Learn More About the Test Optional Program

Special Programs

Fashion Design and Product Innovation, Art & Music Applicants

Fashion Design and Product Innovation

We do not require a portfolio for admissions decisions. However, we know you have a creative spirit and we would love to see your work! Please feel free to upload a prepared portfolio (or link to an online portfolio) or no more than 5 artifacts/examples of your creative work that you would like to share with our design faculty.

Example submissions can include (but are not limited to):

  • Garments, accessories, illustrations, flats, styling, or a creative journal.
  • Mood boards, collages, textile designs
  • Links to blogs, vlogs, websites, YouTube channels, social media handles
  • Any other artistic or creative work such as painting, sculpture, experimental and mixed media, craftwork, or wearable art


Art and Design Portfolio Deadline - January 15


Music Major Audition Deadline - January 15

Occupational Therapy/Health Sciences Applicants

一道本不卡免费高清Candidates seeking admission to the Occupational Therapy-Health Sciences BS/OTD program in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University should complete an additional essay (available via My Blue Hen Home student portal after submitting the Common Application). This is a dual degree program where students earn their Bachelor of Science (BS) at University of Delaware and their Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD) at Thomas Jefferson University in six years. Please be advised that applying early is highly encouraged for full consideration.

Occupational Therapy Major

Medical Dental Scholars Program

一道本不卡免费高清This is a unique early admissions dual track premedical/pre-dental eight-year academic program sponsored by the University of Delaware in consort with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University.


The University of Delaware does not conduct formal interviews as part of the admissions application process. If you have any questions regarding the University of Delaware or applying, please contact your admissions counselor. 

Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

First-year domestic students are required to submit their self-reported high school grades through Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). To provide students with additional support, please see our SRAR FAQs

Evaluation of Disciplinary Information

UD evaluates disciplinary information on a case-by-case basis. 

The University of Delaware is committed to upholding the First Amendment and the right of individuals to express themselves and support their beliefs on topics of personal concern such as gun violence. Applicants who share their views in a peaceful and law-abiding way will not be penalized in our admissions process. Our community values the open exchange of ideas in a civil and respectful manner.

Test-Optional Admissions Program For Delawareans

一道本不卡免费高清The University of Delaware has a Test-Optional Program for first-year (non-transfer) students who are Delaware residents attending a Delaware high school. Students can elect whether or not they would like to include their standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) in the evaluation of their application. 

We encourage all students to take the SAT/ACT seriously and do their best. The College Board's entire suite of assessments, along with free test prep from Khan Academy, is a valuable tool to improve college readiness.

We recommend students who score a minimum of 1150 SAT or 23 ACT submit their scores.  Students who choose not to provide test scores are required to complete the supplemental essays.  Any additional evidence of academic skills in areas related to your intended major, particularly if it is math and science intensive, will be important for you to provide.  Such evidence may include scores on AP examinations, SAT Subject Tests, or other indications of your interest and ability to succeed in a challenging academic environment.

Learn More About the Test Optional Program

Transferring Credit to UD

AP & IB Credit Information

Students can earn advanced standing credit in three ways: through the College Board’s Advanced Placement tests, through college credits taken while still in high school and through the International Baccalaureate Program.

Advanced Placements (AP) Exams & International Baccalaureate (IB)

UD will typically grants advanced credit for scores of 4, 5, and in most cases 3 on Advanced Placement exams. 

The University of Delaware will consider transfer credit for courses taken at the IB Higher Level when students receive a “4” or higher. Students may transfer no more than a year’s worth of credit in each IB course.

Additional Opportunities

UD accepts credits from other special programs under the following conditions:

  • The course must appear on a college transcript and the college must be fully accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency.
  • The student should earn a “C” or better in the course.
  • The course must be an academic course with an equivalent course offered.

Gap Year Programs at non-U.S. Universities

First-Year students who want to transfer coursework from non-U.S. Gap Year programs before enrolling at UD must submit the official college transcript for evaluation to the